Tactical Air War
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Normandy #1

Date: 10.07.1944 Time: 19:20:00
Temperature: 29°C Clouds: light

Allied Cities

City Attacked? Defense Supply Damage
Canterbury Depot25%
Portsmouth Depot13%
Sevenoaks Depot12%
Southampton Depot0%

Allied airfields

Name Damage Supply Open
A-19 La Vielle0%73%Yes
A-28 Pontorson0%33%Yes
B-10 Plumetot0%44%Yes
B-17 Carpiquet0%36%Yes

Axis Cities

City Attacked? Defense Supply Damage
Abbeville Depot22%
Beauvais Depot0%
Berck Depot12%
Calais Depot36%
Pontoise Depot0%
Saint-Omer Depot32%

Axis airfields

Name Damage Supply Open
Beaumont le Roger0%77%Yes

Allied Losses

Aircraft247 / 1017
Pilots160 / 690
Tanks50 / 817
Trucks695 / 2422
Anti-Air Guns338
Anti-Tank Guns34

Axis Losses

Aircraft312 / 998
Pilots235 / 690
Tanks65 / 798
Trucks583 / 2373
Anti-Air Guns245
Anti-Tank Guns48